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Na, na, na, naan…Na, na, na, naan…Hey, he-ey, good-bye!

5 Jun

Oh, come on – you knew that was coming!

I’m not sure why I fretted and put this recipe off until the last possible moment, but I did. Full disclosure:  I preferred the bread just salted – the caraway seed sprinkled rounds reminded me of Danish Aquavit – not a bad thing, but with no “buzz” after that much caraway flavoring, a let down!  The cumin seed sprinkled rounds were delicious, but they needed to be eaten with chili, and sadly, with the weather warming up, that will have to wait until this coming fall.  Simply salting the rounds made them perfect with our Spinach & Shrimp Chowder on tonight’s menu!

I think my favorite thing about this bread recipe was the ease of preparation – and how quickly the rise happened! (Well, that rise thing is likely attributable to new yeast!) And, again, because it’s just the husband and myself, neighbors got to sample the bread.  No one has called to complain, so I can only imagine they either enjoyed it or tossed it.

Strawberries are ready, and so off I’ll be to the local strawberry vendor this week and French Strawberry Cake awaits!