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Finnish Pulla

18 Dec
2012-12-17 10.26.21

Before baking

I love bread – good bread (Italian ciabatta is just about my favorite), bad bread (don’t judge – WonderBread is a terrific bread when slathered in mayonnaise, cranberry sauce and leftover Thanksgiving turkey and makes me a little woosie), so the opportunity to make this bread has been this month’s comfort nestled in all the hullabaloo.

2012-12-17 12.00.57

After baking

I didn’t have pearl sugar, but large crystal sugar worked just fine. Oh, and rather than one large wreath, I made two smaller ones – this way the husband and I can eat one of them and the other one will go to work with him tomorrow. And just as an aside – is there anything to make one feel better than a loaf of bread shaped like a braided wreath? I think not!