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Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

19 Mar
Mocha Chip Cookies

Mocha Chip Cookies

So, I really think I have the perfect, most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe: Jacques Torres Chocolate Chunk Cookies. And, this Mocha Chocolate Chip recipe is interestingly similar to that one. I really think the addition of instant coffee is a nice touch! Now, my caveats…I’ve never liked fruit in cookies – nope, no raisins in oatmeal cookies(well, to be honest, raisins don’t belong in anything…) – so no apricots are in mine. However, I do believe that chocolate chip cookies of any kind scream for nuts! So, I added 1/2-pound of walnuts to mine. (Yeah, yeah, broke my cardinal rule of not changing a recipe the first time preparing it!)

As for the chocolate – I have the good fortune of living two doors down from a professional pastry chef! As a result, she hooks me up with the most delicious chocolate pistoles: Cacao Barry American Dark Chocolate and Extra Bitter Dark Chocolate. (I buy it in 11-pound boxes at a time. My family eats a lot of chocolate chip cookies!)

I used Starbuck’s Italian Roast Via powder (four packets – measured to a little more than one tablespoon).

Finally, drop by tablespoons onto a cookie sheet? Really? I used a #40 scoop, weighed each out to 2-ounces and rolled them into balls slightly larger than a ping pong ball. I think a cookie should be big enough that one is enough, and that last bite is the one that makes you say “UGH!”

Baked these cookies just as directed, and I found them doughy. (OK, in full disclosure: I prefer cookies on the ‘crispy’ side – keeps with my “You’re either a chewy or a crunchy person?” – I’m crunchy!) My family, however found them fine.

Now, will they replace my Jacques Torres recipe – nope! But, I did ┬ámake a batch of the Jacques and added the instant coffee, and they were an instant hit! So, I will make that change.