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Sure and begorrah – it’s Irish!

21 Mar

Well, to be honest – I’ve never been a fan of Irish soda bread.  I always found it too dry, too hard, and pretty tasteless.  And, not being a big fan of raisins (sorry, Dorie!), their addition hasn’t often helped, either.  Having confessed these things, I must say, it was the best recipe I’ve ever eaten!  (True confessions here:  I soaked some golden raisins in rum before adding them!  Oh, and the honey butter I made to spread on the warm bread certainly didn’t hurt, either!)  And even my family said they’d eat it again.  (OK, ok, ok…they’re cretins and if you tell them cardboard is home baked, they’ll eat it!)


She’s not pretty, she’s my rugelach….

6 Mar

Rugelach…I’ve wanted to make rugelach since reading about a local woman who makes what her synagogue believes to be the best ever.  So, I’m really happy to have my first TWD participation recipe to be Julia’s.  I didn’t have any difficulty with the dough itself, but rolling the fruit and nuts into each of the strips did prove rather challenging – I think next time (and I will definitely make it again!) I’ll either make the pastry rectangles larger, or use slightly less filling.  And, as many others mentioned, it’s not pretty; but oh, so delicious!


March 6: Rugelach

6 Mar

March 6:  Rugelach